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 Donation guide through "G Cash"

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PostSubject: Donation guide through "G Cash"   Sat Sep 20, 2008 6:37 am

- G - Cash

How to register to the G-Cash service:

1. If you're a Globe or Touch Mobile user, type REG <4-digit PIN>/<Mother's Maiden Name>/<First Name>/<Last Name>/<Address>/<Tel. No.>

2. Send to 2882.

Example: REG 1234/Santos/Juan/Cruz/Quezon City/117
Send to 2882

3. You will receive a text message confirming that you have registered to G-Cash.


How to send G-Cash Phone-to-Phone:

1. Type <amount to be sent> <PIN>

2. Send to 2882+<10-digit number of recipient>

Example: 500 1234
Send to 28829151120261

3. You may also include a 70-character text with your transaction. Type <amount to be sent> <PIN> <message>

Example: 500 1234 Use this to buy snacks.
Send to 28829151120261

ill try this one hehehehhe........

fellow players still dont have Gcash hope this help ^_^

This is my G-Cash number 09151120261............
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Donation guide through "G Cash"
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